S Factor is a dynamic boutique PR and marketing agency that excels in offering diverse clients a broad range of tailor-made services that encompass highly effective and creative  storytelling aimed at targeted audiences  across the Middle East region.

Headquartered in the UAE, S Factor has an acknowledged reputation of being a top notch consultancy that springs from conceptualising, inspiring and driving global conversations – spearheaded by customised PR and marketing communication techniques that deliver clients’ key messaging, while fulfilling corporate aims and objectives (KPIs) and fully optimise ROI in a cost-effective manner.

With mono and multi-brands having to negotiate the ever evolving (and highly competitive) PR and marketing landscape in the GCC (UAE) region, and as end-customers’ interests (and loyalties) shift at a rapid pace – S Factor has the capability to create visibility, reputation, public perception, brand awareness, and lead generation that not only attracts elusive end-customers, but also retain their (continuing) trust and loyalty.


With exceptional experience in the region partnering with well established national and global brands representing various industries, and with a highly versatile professional pool of talent: S Factor is able to quickly pivot to and respond to any clients’ need, to boost brand equity /visibility to desired levels via carefully curated mixed media assets – helping them become global names and recognised leaders.

Whether advising the best strategic communication  programme for a one-off event or executing a comprehensive, long term brand reputation project, S Factor can be relied on to deliver the needed results