The Indian Academy Launches ‘Happy You’ Initiative To Mark Children’s Mental Health Week

UAE – Jan 27, 2022: Children’s Mental Health Week 2022 runs from February 1st – 7th every year. In this regard, The Indian Academy (TIA) will be launching the ‘Happy You’ initiative to put a spotlight on the importance of children's mental health. According to UNICEF, more than 1 in 7 adolescents aged 10–19 is estimated to live with a diagnosed mental disorder globally – and are feeling the impact of COVID-19/ pandemic on their mental health and well-being. TIA wants to address a range of issues that are affecting students today; including peer pressure, cyber-bullying, feelings of inadequacy, academic pressure, impact of social media and the pandemic among others. All its teachers will address several of these issues by having an open dialogue, showing easy- to-understand videos and inviting experts to show support and promote good mental health. “We believe that with prevention and early intervention, we can address several issues affecting these young minds and show them they have the support they need,” said Susan Varghese, Principal. “Creating a positive mental health culture is of paramount importance in all our schools and is just as important as academic learning. When students feel safe, respected and listened to, they are better able to learn, engage positively with their education and make better choices – which will help create a more resilient community when they leave their school as young adults.” The awareness week (also in line with the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031) helps teachers and staff to have a positive conversation, identify students who need mental health support, and those children who need specialist help, get this as soon as possible

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